JUNE 2014 Therapy/Seminar Price:
Thursday, 11th September
Individual therapy 70 €
Friday, 12th September
Individual therapy 70 €
Saturday, 13th September
The healing circle of light
70 €
Sunday, 14th September Mystical seminar at 10 am and the blessing with water by the river Sava 40 €
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ZAVOD ITAU, Ljubljanska cesta 11, SI-4260 Bled -Slovenia
T: 00386 4 578 04 08,
E-mail: bredav@siol.net


New book about Stephen Turoff: In the Light of God

In the Light of God In the Light of God Many years ago people started to send and show Stephen extraordinary photos that they had taken from him of The Light Phenomena. Stephen talk to God and said: “God, I know all this – I know that the light is there. I do not need these pictures. “God answered promptly with a question:” So you think they are for you? “This is how we came to collect and share all these photographs over past years and finally make this special book for you.» Price is 25,- EUR plus sending costs
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Formed to promote Stephen Turoff’s spiritual teachings and his work is a Charity. An Ashram has been established
with meditation room, teaching facilities and dormitories. The main activity of the Ministry of Enlightenment is weekend seminars where StephenTuroff teaches spiritual techniques for personal development. The Ashram is situated in a splendid environment of 2 acres surrounded by beautiful English forest, river and countryside.

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Mr. Turoff will send absent healing to the requested person for a period of one or two months. It can be prolonged on the request of the patient.


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Thoughts of a day
“Always tell the truth. Then you dont have to remember anything.”
The Voice of The Hungry

Sanctus is a branch of our charity (MOE) providing a soup kitchen in the heart of Chelmsford for the homeless, destitute and those fallen on hard times. In difficult financial times we are there to assist people who struggle for a hot meal in the evening. This project has now been running since December 2011 from a Cafe venue staffed by volunteers.
Our guests amount to between twenty and twenty eight people on a five day basis and they enjoy a variety of cooked meals and soups, costed at a maximum of £2 per head per night.
(www.sanctus-home.com)exercises our moral and ethical responsibility towards serving those who have found themselves in difficult situations. We are not here to judge, but to help and act as a resource for the community. Our longer term plans include providing a day centre and night shelter for the building of confidence and resources for those seeking to rebuild their lives.

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