Friday, 17th JuneIndividual therapy Center ITAU 70 €
Saturday, 18th JuneThe healing circles of Light Center ITAU 70 €
Sunday, 19th June Event in the Sacred Cave Socerb (near Koper) at noon. 25 €
Monday, 20th JuneIndividual therapy Center ITAU 70 €

» Application – THERAPY
Center ITAU, Ljubljanska cesta 11, SI-4260 Bled -Slovenia
T: 00386 4 578 04 08,
E-mail: info@itau.si

  Center ITAU – Location:

distant-healing Mr. Turoff will send absent healing to the requested person for a period of one or two months. It can be prolonged on the request of the patient.

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New book about Stephen Turoff:  The Cave – Gateway from Hell to Heavend

Many phenomena documented in this book are wrapped in a thrilling and real story, which reflect past centuries in time lapse. Other photographs we have put to captivate your interest of the ongoing phenomenal manifestations within The Cave, and the Master of Light – Stephen Turoff.
Price is 25,- EUR plus sending costs
– For book orders please contact:

In the Light of God

In the Light of God Many years ago people started to send and show Stephen extraordinary photos that they had taken from him of The Light Phenomena. Stephen talk to God and said: “God, I know all this – I know that the light is there. I do not need these pictures. “God answered promptly with a question:” So you think they are for you? “This is how we came to collect and share all these photographs over past years and finally make this special book for you.
Price is 25,- EUR plus sending costs
For book orders please contact: